Pinterest Lies

I’ve decided that Pinterest is a liar.

I use it often for recipes, but haven’t had much luck with crafting. And I’m a fairly decent crafter.

This week, Wesley has a science project due on Friday at school. It has to be demonstrated in front of the class, so anything involving boiling water and other dangerous (or impossible) chemicals/tools aren’t an option.

We’ve practiced several projects. The first was bath paint. Easy, right? Just mix up the ingredients: shampoo of my choice, cornstarch, food coloring and water.


It turned into a pastel goopy mess that turned to glue on the bottom of the bathtub. My 5 year old was ready to cry because he expected paint. It was goop.

The second project was creating an acid to restore dirty pennies to their bright, shiny finish. Just mix vinegar and salt, stir the pennies around for a few minutes, and Viola! Clean pennies right before your eyes. There were even before-and-after photos.

We held our noses and poured the vinegar. We added the salt. We tossed in the pennies. We stirred. We waited. Nothing.


The result was vinegar – soaked, sticky, dirty pennies.

Today I went all out. I found a recipe for kinetic sand. Wouldn’t that be cool? Kinetic sand is unique because it doesn’t make a mess, has a texture similar to play doh, and doesn’t stick to your hands. We could put a little into baggies for each of Wesley’s friends at school! I went to the store despite feeling rotten from a terrible cold. I got all the ingredients: play sand (2 bags at $3.33 each), cornstarch (2 cans at $3 each). We came home and mixed them up in a bucket with water and Dawn. I even grabbed some lavender scented oil for a little extra sensory boost.

I cleaned out a yellow tub. We measured and added all the ingredients. We mixed and stirred. In the end, we had…

…mud. It made mud. Lavendar-scented, sticky mud.

My kitchen is covered in sand. My cold is about 6X worse.

But my sons are in mud Heaven.

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