God’s Love and Twizzlers


Photo by Astrid Westvang

There are a million reasons why I love my church. I experience God in this place in such a rich way, I walk away week after week challenged, convicted, encouraged, humbled, and empowered. Our pastor, Ryan Whitley, and song leader, Bryan Haskins, are the face of CrossPoint, displaying passion and enthusiasm for Christ that, in my opinion, is an incredible example of unrelenting faith and love.

But an exchange today is such a perfect example of how the family of CrossPoint works.

Y’all, this is a huge church. I don’t even know how many members there are, but trust me. It’s A LOT. It’s a normal thing to meet someone for the first time, and realize you’ve both been members for years. It allows you to be part of a community that is ever-fresh, making new relationships at every event.

Photo by Olga Caprotti

Today, as I climbed the tall hill of the parking lot in my heels and long skirt while lugging a Bible, laptop, and diaper bag trying to keep up with a racing toddler, a white truck eased past with a female passenger happily nibbling on a Twizzler.

My mouth watered.

Anyone who ever attempted getting a full family ready for church with full intention of showing up on time KNOWS how difficult Sunday mornings can be. And by the time the service was over, I’d been delivered a WHAM BAM BOOM of a message that I was still reeling from.

Also, my stomach was growling.

In desperation, I called out, “Oh my goodness… Twizzlers… yummmm……”

Food envy can make a person lose their mind sometimes.

The precious passenger turned and said, “Oh! Here! Have one.”

I’d never met her before that moment. But when she  held out a package of twizzlers and told me to grab TWO, I knew right then.

I was HOME.

“Don’t mind if I do!” I said as I pulled two from the package, making sure to keep my toddler in my peripheral vision. I took a bite, tried not to melt, and said around a mouthful, “I’m Natalie.”

“Hi! I’m Felicia!” (or was it Alisha?) “This is Marty.” She flicked a thumb toward her husband, who waved from behind the steering wheel.

“Hey!” she said with excitement. “Have you seen that Twizzler Mommy video of that mom who has to hide from her kids to eat a Twizzler?”

“Yes!” I did a quick toddler-check. Good. He was still there.

“That’s you!”

I burst out laughing. “That is so me! Thanks for this!”

She grinned as I took another bite. “You’re so welcome!”

And just like that, she drove away.

You know that warning your mom always gave about never taking candy from a stranger? Yeah, that doesn’t apply at my church. Because right then and there, a CrossPointer showed the love of God.

With a Twizzler.


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